Food prep for our thru-hike of the Arizona Trail

This week we will start our thru-hike of the Arizona Trail, 800 miles across Arizona.


Some good friends will drive us from our home in Flagstaff to the Utah border and the northern terminus of the Arizona National Scenic Trail. From there, we will hike back (SOBO) to our house in Flagstaff – a distance of ~ 225 miles (after that, we’ll tackle the sections South of Flagstaff).

food prep (2 of 6)
Prepping food for an 8 day section of the Arizona Trail…this food was shipped to the South Rim of the Grand Canyon for our collection there. The box weighed ~ 23 lbs and cost $22 to mail. There is a grocery store at the South Rim of the Grand Canyon but it is more expensive than normal of course (being in a national park) and so, we decided to do a resupply box for this leg of the AZT (Grand Canyon South Rim to Flagstaff)

Our food for thru-hiking has to be (1) light and (2) calorie dense and (3) flavorful. The basic 3 meals per day plus a lot of snacks. According to some online info’, an average male will burn 689 calories per hour hiking up and down mountains carrying a 20-40 pound pack. The average female will burn 591 calories per hour with this same pack weight. That equates to a lot of calories needed for 10 – 20 mile days in rugged terrain.

Breakfasts of pop tarts and trail mix; lunches of nut butter/nutella, cheese, bagels and ramen; dinners of couscous and tuna. Add in some crackers, tortillas, seaweed, jerky and some fresh fruit near resupply points. Tea bags & Mio to add some flavor (a concern on the AZT with some of the not-so-fresh water sources we’ll have to utilize).


food prep (3 of 6)
Thanks to the folks at Moon Cheese who sent us a ton of bags for our resupply boxes
A sampling of our resupply box options, courtesy of some great vendors including FBomb, Guayaki, Justins, Maruchan & Patagonia Provisions 
Great oils and nut butters from the team at FBombs, homegrown here in Flagstaff
Yerba Mate tea to keep Dominic charging on the Arizona Trail – thanks Guayaki
food prep (6 of 6)
Nutty treats from Justins, who really spoiled us with their delivery of samples
food prep (5 of 6)
Awesome peanut butter cups from Justins
Trail food provided by Maruchan – a staple of thru-hikers everywhere
The team at Patagonia Provisions provided us with this sampling of their products for the AZT
food prep (4 of 6)
Looking forward to trying these meals from Patagonia Provisions 
A great sample delivery from the team at Nick’s Sticks … click here for their great products


We are heading off (thru-hike) on the Arizona Trail this week, so keep following our blog for more great hiking in Arizona.

And don’t forget, we are doing a little fundraising for the Humane Society while on this hike also, so if you can, please support our hike and the great work that the Humane Society does by clicking here. You can pledge as little as 5¢ per mile and pay your full donation when we finish the AZT. 90% of your donation will go directly to the Humane Society and the remaining 10% will help support the Arizona Trail Association.



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