Fundraising for animals while hiking the Arizona Trail



We are doing some fundraising for the Humane Society (THS) while hiking the Arizona Trail (AZT) so if you can, please support our hike and the great work that the Humane Society does by clicking on our fundraising page here.

You can pledge as little as 1 or 5¢ per mile (the AZT is 800 miles) and you pay your full donation when we finish the hike.

90% of your donation will go directly to the Humane Society (THS) and the remaining 10% will help support the Arizona Trail Association (ATA) (who maintain the trail we will be using). None of this money goes to us. 


Our 2 dogs, Daisy & Moose both came to us from shelters, as have many other great family pets we know. We adopted them both in 2003, Daisy from the Denver Dumb Friends League and Moose from the Humane Society of Boulder Valley (both in Colorado). Daisy was ~ 2 years old when she came to live with us and she died at 14; Moose was ~ 12 months old when we met him and we just lost him last April, at ~ 16 years of age.




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Thanks for following our journey! If you are enjoying this blog, please consider supporting us by clicking here. This supports us directly and has nothing to do with our fundraising for the Humane Society (as detailed above).


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