Silverton to Durango and the end of the Colorado Trail

Last time on this blog, we traveled from Lake City to Silverton and in this post, we make the final push to Durango.

A bit of climbing out of Silverton and you’re back in the world of the marmot


Great wildflowers in Segment 25



Jesse and Janae
We met these guys (Jesse & Janae) at ~ MM 40 in our first week and again, in the last few miles & our last week


Our camp spot at Taylor Lake in Segment 27, MM 462.3 after a 20+ mile day in a waterless section of the CT…trout, coyotes, deer & less than 25 miles to completion of the Colorado Trail
Over 6,000 in elevation loss in the last segment of the Colorado Trail, to get from Taylor Lake to Durango


We saw 3 horned lizards on our last 2 days on the Colorado Trail – this is a Greater Short-horned Lizard Phrynosoma hernandesi
Still smiling, 485 miles and 6 weeks after leaving Waterton Canyon
Right off the trail and into a Durango diner for a big breakfast

Thanks so much for following our thru hike blog. We’ll do another post with final thoughts, costs etc. FYI.

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