Lake City to Silverton

Last time on this blog, we resupplied and took a night off in Lake City.

Then we continued our thru hike of the CT from Spring Creek Pass and met some great people along the way.

Hiking with Ronen from Long Island, NY
Stayed with these guys at the yurt (MM366.5)
Gret view from the yurt
Dominic hiking up to over 13K ft in Segment 22
Segment 22 lunch stop
Highest point on the Colorado Trail – Segment 22, MM373.4
Lots of off-road vehicles around Carson Saddle (end of Segment 22 ~ MM 375)
Segment 23
Our camping spot in Segment 23 ~ MM 376.8 … short day due to early rains

The next day – Thursday July 26th – was another amazing day at high elevation.


Marmots and pikas everywhere at the high elevations of Segment 23
Our campsite at MM 388.5, at 12,818 ft elevation, in Segment 23

We awoke to a beautiful morning above 12K ft., but the day turned wet and cold, with huge amounts of thunder and lightning, which led to us hunkering down in a gully for a while!


After a 17 mile damp hard day, we camped ~ MM 405.1 next to Elk Creek, with our plan to head into Silverton for resupply the next day.

The Animas River
Sandra in downtown Silverton, CO
Silverton, CO

Join us next time, when we make the final push to Durango and our terminus of the Colorado Trail.

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