Continuing our first week on the Colorado Trail

Last time on this blog, we started the ~ 500 miles hike on The Colorado Trail.

In this post, we continue the adventure.

Moose prints?
Moose poop?
Tons of wildflowers… Even in such a dry year
No problem with water sources in this first week
The views continue to amaze
You have to remember not to look at your feet the entire time
The Colorado Trail and the Continental Divide Trail share the same path for a few hundred miles
Great camping spot with pronghorn running by in the morning
Heading to Georgia Pass on the Continental Divide
First on-trail snow
A light snow year in Colorado meant we could start our hike in June
We only had 1 day of bad weather in our first week, where we got sleet and crawled into our tent by 5pm to sleep in all our layers, including rain pants!
Sandra in the aspens
Sandra hiking downhill slowly, due to some bothersome blisters
Signs to let you know that you’re heading the right way
First trail magic!
Hiking with Ron from Vermont
Confidence markers for the Colorado Trail and the Continental Divide Trail
Dominic at Georgia Pass 11,598 ft.

Join us next time on this blog, as we pass the 100 mile mark.

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