Traveling across the Southern US, from AZ to FL

If you’ve been with us along the way, you’ll know we’ve been on the road for ~ 11 months now and it’s time to make the trip across the southern US states, from Arizona (where we spent a few days with friends after leaving Mexico) to Florida (our current home state).

This section of the trip was just 21 days as Sandra had a schedule to keep (flight booked to visit her family in Ireland on March 27th). We boondocked through New Mexico and into Texas, enjoying Carlsbad Caverns National Park in NM and then heading South to see Big Bend National Park in TX and then quickly on to the Florida panhandle for some camping there with friends.

Caverns (1 of 1)
Carlsbad Caverns National Park in NW
riogrande (1 of 1)
Sandra on a hike to the Rio Grande River in Big Bend National Park, TX
Camping with friends Kat & Chris in St. Andrews State Park, FL
One of our absolute favorite parks – St. Joseph Peninsula State Park in the FL panhandle

As we got closer to home in FL, our good friends Simon & Lara came up to meet us for a few days camping. Here we are camping at Salt Springs Recreation Area in the Ocala National Forest and trying our their new GoSun Sport: Easy, Delicious, and Versatile Portable Solar Cooker which works great!

Sandra snorkeling in Salt Springs Recreation Area – some huge blue crabs in here
Lara, Sandra & Simon getting ready for a paddle in Alexander Springs Recreation Area

And that leads us back home to Clearwater, FL where we started almost 12 months previous. In our next blog post, we’ll do a quick run-down on the costs involved in this last section of the trip and one big budget post detailing all our costs throughout the year.

Thanks for following this year-long RV road-trip blog and please keep following us as we continue our adventures; we’re still calling the RV home but, we’re currently on a bike trip – follow us here.

Here we are bike camping at Fort DeSoto, just a couple of weeks after returning to FL (after 1 year on the road full-time in our Navion RV)


For those of you who have been asking about our favorite part of the year-long trip, we’d have to say the Canadian Rockies for the scenery and hiking and, Mexico for the great people we met there.

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