Hiking the Colorado Trail – the first few days on the trail

After a month on the bicycles and almost 1,000 road miles, we decided to change it up and head into the wilderness, away from traffic and roads.

The Colorado Trail runs from Denver to Durango, a distance of 500 miles.

If you read our last blog post, you’ll have seen that we decided to head up to Denver after biking to Gunnison and get started on the hike in the traditional southbound direction, from Waterton Canyon.

Purchased the data book, which provides information on the terrain, mileage, water sources etc.

In Denver, we stayed with our friend Steve and packed our bags
Our gear, all ready to go for The Colorado Trail
Food for the first few days
Steve dropped us to Waterton Canyon for the start of the trail
Walking along the South Platte River on our first day out in Waterton Canyon
Dam in Waterton canyon
The trail / confidence markers for the Colorado Trail
Likely campsites are every few miles on the Colorado Trail
Filtering water along the way – the data book and the GutHooks App advise on water sources
Hiking in the Lost Creek Wilderness
Plenty of green along the rivers, even though it’s really dry in Colorado this June
Crossing the South Platte on our second day
Lots of beautiful flowers in bloom, including these Columbines, the state flower of Colorado
Beautiful valley
Met Birdfood in our first week, experienced, enthusiastic thru hiker
Birdfoods great homemade pack
Lots of climbing and amazing scenery
Tons of wildflowers and butterflies on the trail

Overall, these first few days on the trail were great… No problem with finding campsites or water; met quite a few people along the way; saw deer, pronghorn moose and a bear; and saw some amazing Colorado scenery.

Join us next time on this blog, as we continue our hike on the Colorado Trail, pass the 100 mile mark, deal with blisters and stay in a great Airbnb in Dillon for a couple of nights off the trail.

Gear being used:

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