Fast forward to Denver

Last time on this bike trip blog, we were in Montrose at Rod & Judy’s house and we visited The Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park.

Having left Montrose, we cycled through Curecanti National Recreation Area to Gunnison.

Gunnison River

Cycling through great scenery

Trout and salmon of the Blue Mesa Reservoir

Morrow Dam on the Gunnison River

Morrow Dam

Playing cards at a campsite

Blue Mesa Reservoir CO

When we arrived in Gunnison, we decided to change our plans slightly…Which had been to continue our ride to Denver and then start some backpacking, but we decided to speed things up and we threw the bikes into a U-Haul, after a 45 mile bike ride and drove to Nederland and our friend Greg’s house there.

Bike packers at Monarch Pass

We picked up 2 hitchhiking bike packers when leaving Gunnison… Full van of bikes

Hanging out at Sage Marine with Greg

Sage Marine

Downtown Denver

Sandra in downtown Denver

Downtown Denver

Join us next time, when we share with you all our backpacking plans.

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