A Winter in Mexico

Last time, on this blog, we reviewed the finances for our trip through Arizona and Utah and we’ve previously discussed other sections of our year-long RV road trip – including traveling up the east coast of the US, across Canada and down the west coast of the US.

Well, after our time spent hiking in the desert southwest, we decided to head across the border and into Sonora, Mexico for a while. We used to travel into Sonora when we lived in Southern Arizona but, that was many years ago and so, after some online research, we thought that San Carlos (marked with the red marker, on the map below) might be a great place to chill for a few weeks. We didn’t expect to stay as long as we did…we drove into Mexico on December 13th 2017 and other than 4 days spent back in AZ in January, we didn’t leave Mexico again until March 5th 2018 – a total of 78 days south of the border.

Screen Shot 2018-05-11 at 9.26.26 PM

And what a wonderful 78 days: We stayed 63 nights in Totonaka RV Park in San Carlos (we paid between $17-$24/night, depending on length of stay booked, at time of booking), 10 nights boondocking in San Carlos (free beach camping), 2 nights in Huatabampito (staying at El Mirador for $20/night – we would not recommend this campground – see the image just below to understand why), 2 nights in Puerto Penasco (camped on the beach for $12/night) and 1 night in Bahia Kino (stayed in Old Bahia Kino campground for $18/night).

One of the restrooms at El Mirador in Huatabampito!

Our time in San Carlos was spent beach walking, bike riding, paddle boarding, hiking, playing pickle ball and meeting great new friends (mostly from B.C., Canada). You have the desert and the mountains there and the beautiful Sea of Cortez. The town is very safe, for anyone worrying about that kind of thing. The Totonaka RV Park  has full hook-up’s, laundry, pool etc.. The town of San Carlos has a couple of supermarkets and plenty of restaurants plus things like pharmacies, doctors, dentists, vets etc. and the larger town of Guaymas, just a few miles away, has a Wal-Mart, Sams Club, large outdoor/indoor market and lots more conveniences.

For us, it was time to take a break from the constant moving and we really enjoyed this ‘vacation from our vacation’, relaxing in the campground in San Carlos.

Bahia Kino Raw (1 of 1)
Raw bar in downtown (old town) Bahia Kino – great food in Mexico
MX (1 of 1)-2
Sandra on the beach in San Carlos, with Cerro Teta Kawi in the background
MX (1 of 1)-3
Our boondocking spot in San Carlos – always a few people overnighting here and you’re just a few miles from downtown San Carlos here and parked next to a beautiful sandy beach
MX (1 of 1)-4
View of San Carlos and the bay from ‘The Comb of the Rooster’ hike
MX (1 of 1)-5
Sandra, Achala, Darryl, Sheryl & Brett – we made great friends in Mexico!
MX (1 of 1)-6
Sandra, Achala & Patsy relaxing on the Sea of Cortez – dolphins, seals, starfish, sea hares, stingrays, turtles, pelicans, herons, frigate birds, boobies…tons of bird and sea life here
MX (1 of 1)-7
Sheryl paddling in San Carlos – big mountains and deep water
MX (1 of 1)-8
Patsy enjoying lunch at the Guaymas market
MX (1 of 1)
View of San Carlos from the Cerro Teta Kawi hike
MX (1 of 2)-2
Brett, Sheryl & Sandra about to head out on the Sea of Cortez
MX (1 of 2)-3
Downtown San Carlos
MX (1 of 2)-4
Sandra cycling in San Carlos, heading for lunch at La Manga Restaurante Dona Rosita
MX (1 of 2)-5
Patsy paddling in San Carlos
MX (1 of 2)
Sandra cycling around in San Carlos
MX (1 of 4)
Sandra paddle boarding in San Carlos
MX (2 of 2)-2
Sheryl & Sandra paddling in San Carlos
MX (2 of 2)-3
Wonderful shells on the beaches in San Carlos
MX (2 of 2)-4
Fishing boats moored outside of La Manga Restaurante Dona Rosita
MX (2 of 2)-5
Sandra paddling with Cerro Tetakawi in the background
canyon (10 of 12)
Sandra cycling to Nacapule Canyon
MX (2 of 2)
Sandra hiking in Nacapule Canyon
MX (2 of 4)
Achala enjoying the Sea of Cortez
MX (3 of 4)
Brian, Achala, Patsy & Sandra paddling in San Carlos
MX (4 of 4)
Enjoying pizza with friends at Colibrí in San Carlos
pbsc (5 of 10)
Herons nesting in the cacti of San Carlos

Join us next time when we’ll share with you the costs of spending a Winter in Mexico.

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