Up and over Boulder Mountain, Utah

After a couple of days in Escalante, we started the climb to almost 10,000 ft on Boulder mountain.

The scenery was amazing, the grades hardcore and the weather wonderful.

The amazing scenery in Southern Utah
Some downhills to go with all the climbing
Overnight camping in the national forest just outside of Boulder, Utah
We met Wayne on his single speed, cycling up crazy grades for fun
Wayne and Sandra chatting on the Boulder mountain climb
Sandra cycling to our breakfast spot on Boulder mountain
Making coffee on Boulder mountain
Sandra pushing her bike up some of Boulder mountain
Aspens, deer, cool weather… Boulder mountain
Summit view on Boulder mountain
Dominic’s recumbent on the Boulder mountain summit… Who says recumbents can’t climb!
Summit selfie on Boulder mountain
Great views from Boulder mountain
Not too much traffic on Boulder mountain


From our camping spot just outside of Boulder, to the town of Torrey, we traveled up over 3,700 ft in elevation.

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