Day 1 in Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

The first portion of our bike trip was to get from Flagstaff, AZ to Grand Canyon National Park, a distance of almost 80 miles with quite a bit of elevation gain & loss…especially for our Florida legs & lungs! We did the trip in 2 days, doing just 30 miles on our first day, Sunday May 20th (as we didn’t leave Flagstaff ’till almost lunchtime) and the remainder of the ride was done on the second day of our trip, Monday May 21st.

The traffic was pretty busy on the way to the park and we stopped plenty of times for 5 minute Swedish Fish & water breaks (and to catch our breath!) and we were delayed by a frothing-at-the-mouth free-range bull, who seemed to consider the road his own. A nice police office spotted our plight and came to our aid, driving his SUV in between us and the bull while we passed “his” territory.

Screen Shot 2018-05-22 at 3.12.54 PM


grand canyon (2 of 19)
Making coffee at camp
grand canyon (3 of 19)
Elk greets us in the park
grand canyon (4 of 19)
Sandra watching elk cross the road in the park
grand canyon (5 of 19)
Elk chilling in the park
grand canyon (6 of 19)
Our campsite in the park – this is the Hiker/Biker campsite – there was 10 of us on the first night here, 3 other bike tourers (& us) and 5 hikers on the AZT. Our tent is the Big Agnes – Copper Spur UL2
grand canyon (7 of 19)
A great lifted VW Vanagon in our campground, with solar roof panels
grand canyon (8 of 19)
View of the canyon from the South Rim
grand canyon (9 of 19)
Some fellow bike campers from Quebec in their Zpacks Duplex tent
grand canyon (10 of 19)
Sandra hiking on the South Rim Trail
grand canyon (11 of 19)
Sandra taking in the view
grand canyon (12 of 19)
We’ve been here quite a few times…it never get’s old
grand canyon (13 of 19)
Busy week here at the park and only getting busier with the onset of Summer
grand canyon (14 of 19)
Kaibab Trail in/out of the canyon
grand canyon (15 of 19)
Tough lizards at 7,000 ft elevation
grand canyon (16 of 19)
Abert’s squirrel in the park
grand canyon (17 of 19)
Enjoying lunch at our campsite in the park using our DZO Stainless Cups
grand canyon (18 of 19)
Assessing our dry goods, before we head towards Page, AZ. The grocery store in the park has fresh produce etc. so you can supplement this stuff.
grand canyon (19 of 19)
Dom enjoying our chairs…no, we didn’t carry these with us on the bikes, these were being abandoned by campers heading home so, we’re gratefully making use of them during our 2 night stay in the park

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