First days of our bike trip: Flagstaff towards Grand Canyon National Park, AZ

In our last post, you saw us readying for departure from Flagstaff, AZ.

We parked our home (ie. our Navion RV) with friends in Chino Valley, AZ and left from Flagstaff on Sunday May 20th.

Since we didn’t leave Flagstaff ’till almost mid-day (after drive back from Chino Valley – assisted by Bruce & Terri and Bruce & Kathy and a big breakfast), we did only ~ 30 miles before calling it a night. Those 30 miles saw us climbing from Flagstaff’s 7,000 ft. elevation to over 8,000 ft. and for our Florida legs & lungs, it was a workout for sure! Camped in the national forest overnight and headed off the next day at the leisurely hour of ~ 8am.

ist day (1 of 10)
Kathy, Sandra, Terri & Abby, Bruce (Chino Valley), Bruce (Flagstaff) & Dominic – these great people (Bruce & Terri from Chino Valley and Bruce & Kathy from Flagstaff) hosted us, took care of us & ferried us around. 
ist day (2 of 10)
Sunday Breakfast with Kathy & Bruce in Williams, AZ before we headed off from their home in Flagstaff
Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 1.46.58 PM
Our first 2 days (~ 80 miles) from Flagstaff, North on the 180 & 64 to Grand Canyon National Park via Valle & Tusayan. Google Maps shows 6.5 hrs for this trip…maybe not for us Floridians! 80 miles of hills at elevations of 6,000 – 8,000+ ft. makes it a day 2’er for us
ist day (3 of 10)
Lung busting climb from 7,000 ft in Flagstaff to 8,000 ft, heading towards the Grand Canyon
ist day (4 of 10)
Sandra in front of the beautiful San Francisco Peaks, Northern AZ
ist day (5 of 10)
Our first overnight in the Kaibab National Forest, ~ 30 miles from Flagstaff. Our 2 man tent is the Big Agnes – Copper Spur UL2
ist day (6 of 10)
Cooking dinner in our DZO Stainless Cups, over our cat-food-can stove
ist day (7 of 10)
Sandra enjoying her dinner after the big climb out of Flagstaff, AZ
ist day (8 of 10)
Making coffee in our first night campsite using our  DZO Stainless Cups
ist day (9 of 10)
Sandra cycling from Flagstaff towards the Grand Canyon, Northern AZ on her Surly Disc Trucker

If you are interested in our packing and what stuff we brought along on this trip, check out this post.

Keep following along as we enjoy the Grand Canyon and head further into Northern AZ over the coming days.

The big plan is to head thru’ UT, with the goal of Yellowstone National Park in mind and who knows from there…it’s our first time on a long distance bike trip!


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