This doesn’t look like Florida

So…this happened…we’re in Flagstaff, Arizona.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 10.13.12 PM

Lastime on this bike adventure blog, we shared our first fully-loaded-for-bike-touring bicycle ride with you and also, our rough plan to cycle from our home in Palm Harbor (on the Gulf coast of Florida) to Flagler Beach on the East coast of Florida and north from there, to GA, SC & NC.

This time, we’re coming to you from Flagstaff in Northern Arizona, a town close to our hearts and where we lived for multiple years prior to relocating to the Southeast.

So, why the last minute change you ask?

The plan to cycle through Florida and the Southeast all changed on this past Monday (May 14th) when we awoke to a tropical depression in Florida and thought it wise to let the storm pass through the Tampa bay area, before heading off – on our bikes – from our RV home in Palm Harbor.

While sitting & contemplating our packed panniers, while waiting for the thunder & lightening to pass, we got to thinking about our quickly pulled together plan to cycle through FL, GA, SC & NC starting in mid-May…just as the humidity, rainy season & bug season had arrived and how the TransAmerica ACA route (which we had planned to join if all went well on the ride North to NC) really just interested us, because of it’s Western sections…then, we thought, why not just drive to the more scenic, drier Western areas that we prefer and start there, especially as the clock was already ticking on the available Summer season for cycling in the Northern states. So, we jumped in our RV on Tuesday (May 15th) and drove the 2,000+ miles to Flagstaff, Arizona with the plan to start cycling from here into Utah this weekend.

Stopping for lunch on Route 66 in Adrian, Texas
We saw a few cyclists doing the Route 66 ride…including this French gentleman on his gasoline-engine-assist-bike. We met him in New Mexico and he had already done the section from Santa Monica, CA and was heading to Chicago
Beautiful Flagstaff, AZ…a very dry Winter has made for a dry landscape here currently and a fire ban is already in place for the national forest
Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 10.22.40 PM
Here’s the new route we have in mind, heading North from Flagstaff this weekend, heading to Yellowstone National Park and the Canadian border from there and possibly Vancouver Island, ultimately using the Pacific Coast ride to make our way back to Southern CA and then East back to AZ to get our RV

Now that we’re back out West and catching up with friends here in Flagstaff, we’re really excited about heading North from here and cycling through scenic Utah. We spent a bunch of time there last November, when we were on our 1 year RV roadtrip (check out that blog here) and it’s always been one of our favorite states…we’ve never crossed it by bicycle before though!

We’ll be storing our RV with friends in Chino Valley this weekend and heading off from Flagstaff on Sunday May 20th, hoping to enjoy a few days of cool weather to start our trip.

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 10.24.11 PM

Hope you are enjoying the excitement of where we might pop up next..keep following along as we actually get on the road!


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