Into Canada: Fun in Fundy (National Park)

Last time you were with us on this blog, we reviewed our travel costs and also, some upgrades we made to our RV; getting back to the actual trip, we were enjoying Maine last time around but, if truth be told we were itching to get into Canada and explore some brand spanking new stuff!

In early July, we did just that, crossing the international border at Calais (passport & background check, no real RV search of any kind) and headed for Fundy National Park in New Brunswick, home of the world’s highest tides.

Fundy (1 of 7)
Third Vault Falls in Fundy National Park

Fundy National Park was very cool with pretty waterfalls, trails, wildlife galore and a nice campground overlooking the beach.

Fundy (2 of 7)Fundy (6 of 7)

Fundy (5 of 7)
Evidence of beavers doing what they do best in Fundy National Park
Fundy (7 of 7)
Canadian tiger swallowtail in Fundy National Park

We love to identify any of the wildlife we come across and Audubon guides like this one, are great for that: The National Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Butterflies

fundy (1 of 1)
This tent camper had a great spot at Fundy National Park 

Just walking distance from the national park is the town of Alma, where you can easily observe the huge tides of this region and sample some of the biggest lobsters you’ll see anywhere.

Fundy (3 of 7)
You certainly need to leave yourself a lot of slack, when tying up your boat in Alma – they boast that their village has the highest tides in the world
Fundy (4 of 7)
Seriously huge lobsters at the Alma Lobster Shop

We really enjoyed our first Canadian national park, with our visit to Parc national Fundy (yes, they speak French at all the Canadian national parks)

Lots more Canada stuff to come on this blog – we spent almost 3 months in this great country. Join us next time as we explore Prince Edward Island.

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