Virginia to Maine…not as far as you might think

We used to live out west for a few years – Colorado, Arizona, Oregon – those states are so much bigger than the states on the east coast it seems.

In less than 2 June weeks, we traveled from Virginia through Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and into Maine. Why the rush, you might ask. Well, the Summer had started and Canada and the far north were calling to us (with their limited Summer season).

After Kiptopeke State Park (blog post here) we stayed a few nights at Janes Island State Park in Crisfield, MD where we ate some blue crabs but got tormented by the deer flies. The best thing about Crisfield was the Smith Island cake we ate.

untitled (1 of 1)
Crisfield, MD – This town breathes blue crabs
untitled (1 of 1)-2
Wonderful Smith Island cake, not to be missed

We then moved on to Lewes, DE where we visited some friends for a few days.

untitled (1 of 1)-3
Our Lewes, DE friend Jamie in her VW bus, meeting us at Cape Henlopen State Park, DE for a game of disc golf

The June weather was heating up in the north-east and camping with hookups was hard to come by anywhere in New Jersey, New York or Connecticut and so we headed for Rhode Island, via $80 in tolls (New Jersey turnpike & George Washington bridge) and a long day of hectic driving. Luckily, we had already grown tired of towing our little sailboat behind us and through the magic of Craigslist, we offloaded the boat in Delaware. Who knows how much extra those tolls might have cost us through NJ and NY, if we were still towing the boat!
In Rhode Island we stayed at Fishermen’s Memorial State Park and cycled around the fishing town of Galilee, on a foggy cool day. Located on Point Judith (in Narragansett), it has the largest fishing fleet in Rhode Island. Now, you may be thinking that’s probably not a hard task given the size of Rhode Island but, for a state that is only 37 miles wide x 48 miles long, its shoreline on Narragansett Bay (Atlantic Ocean) actually runs for 400 miles!

untitled (1 of 4)
Fishing fleet in Galilee, RI on a foggy day in June
untitled (4 of 4)
Fishing fleet in Galilee, RI on a foggy day in June
untitled (3 of 4)
Fishing fleet in Galilee, RI on a foggy day in June
untitled (2 of 4)
Lobster & Crab (Gluten Free!) for sale on the docks in Galilee, RI on a foggy day in June

Into Massachusetts and our overnight stay was Horseneck Beach State Reservation, where we didn’t do much, other than take a walk on the stony beach.

One of our must stops on the east coast was the New Bedford Whaling Museum in New Bedford, MA and it proved to be a great day out. Also, we had the best pizza of the trip at Brick Pizzeria Napoletana on Union Street (just around the corner from the whaling museum).

untitled (2 of 2)
View of New Bedford, MA from the roof of the New Bedford Whaling Museum
untitled (1 of 2)
New Bedford Whaling Museum – whale oil still drips from these skeletons!

From New Bedford, we headed out to Cape Cod and Nickerson State Park. This park has eight crystal-clear freshwater ponds (the swimming was pretty chilly) and you have the ocean too of course. Not a bad spot from which to explore the cape.

untitled (1 of 3)
One of the fresh water ponds in Nickerson State Park, MA
untitled (3 of 3)
Big Tides on Cape Cod, MA
untitled (2 of 3)
Razor Clam, Cape Cod, MA

We also took the opportunity to visit Provincetown at the northern tip of Cape Cod, MA. Cool, super gay-friendly town complete with history (site of the Mayflower’s landing in 1620).

untitled (4 of 5)
We parked at the Cape Cod National Seashore beach and cycled into Provincetown, which was pretty busy, even on a Thursday
untitled (1 of 5)
Lovely waterfront in Provincetown, MA
untitled (3 of 5)
Provincetown is a real boating town
untitled (5 of 5)
They have big sharks in these Cape Cod waters – lifeguards at Race Point Beach
untitled (2 of 5)
A reminder that Great White Sharks live in the waters off Cape Cod

The month of June was coming to an end and it was time to keep pressing north, into Maine (check out the next blog post here) and on towards Canada.

Disc Golf

In this post, we mentioned meeting a friend in Delaware for a round of disc golf. This is a game which we have been playing for years (although we didn’t actually play that many courses on this year-long RV trip). Highly recommend it as a great way to get out in nature, great sport for families etc. as everyone can play together and if you do want to get competitive, there are lots of local leagues, tournaments and that kind of thing going on. To get yourself started, buy a basic kit like Innova Disc Golf Starter Set – Colors May Vary 160-180g – DX Putter, Mid-Range, Driver and get out there.

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