Planning a bike adventure

So, now that we’re back in Florida (after 12 months on the road in our RV) and now that Moose has recently gone off to his great doggy reward in the sky, we’re free to go on a bicycle adventure. This is something we’ve thought about for years but, having adopted 2 dogs in 2003 it’s not something we’ve had the opportunity to do…until now.

MooseDaisy (1 of 1)
We adopted Daisy (hound mix) from the Denver Dumb Friends League, CO and Moose (husky/cattle dog mix) from the Boulder, CO Humane Society both in 2003. Daisy was with us until 2015 (age 14) and Moose until 2018 (age 16)


First things first, an assessment of our current bikes.

Dominic has been riding a Jamis Commuter 4 for the past few years and since we got back to Florida earlier this month, he’s picked up a 1997 Easy Racer and is enjoying the Pinellas Trail in comfort.

Jamis (1 of 1)
Jamis Commuter 4
bike tour (10 of 14)
Easy Racer (World’s Fastest Bicycle!)

I have a Cannondale F700 that I purchased in LA in 2003 and it’s served me well. In fact, the front disc brake just went out this month, after 15 years of non-service!

canyon (10 of 12)
Cannondale F700


We considered a tandem recumbent and picked up this Vision R85 Double Vision locally. Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem like the bike for us and we’ve got this one up for sale if anyone is interested. Just leave us a comment or e-mail us directly or find us through our Facebook page.

recumbent tandem (4 of 11)
Vision R85 Double Vision


For now we will continue experimenting with what might work for us on the road fulltime…so much to learn…the right bike, the right gear, the best route etc..

We’d love to hear from other people who have headed off on their bikes for any extended period – please comment on this blog post – looking forward to hearing from you.

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In the next blog post in this bike trip thread, we’ll test out our gear on an 80 mile overnight trip.

2 thoughts on “Planning a bike adventure

  1. My husband and i both have surly sisc truckers with brooks saddles, arkel panniers and some ortleib panniers. You are going to want to get rid of that big cushy seat! Your tailbones will thank you. Also we never never go without helmets. Do you belong to adventure cycle? Very helpful organization. Wecare both in our 60s. Rode 3000 last year and heading out soon for 1500 miles. Love following you!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for taking part in our blog Deb! Impressive mileage you guys have under your belts! Dominic on recumbent for our upcoming trip. Sandra hopefully on Surly LHT, with Terry seat. And yes, helmets will have to be brought along! Looking at maps from the Adventure Cycle site and working on some routes currently. Keep following along and thanks for your support!


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