Heading for the hills

Our route to Canada – our goal for the Summer – took us out of Florida and north into Alabama. From there we would camp through North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Maine.

But, we’re still in Florida and we’re over 5 weeks into our 1 year on the road!

Our last Florida stop was pretty Bear Lake Campground which is located within the Bear Lake Recreation Area, northeast of Pensacola.

untitled (2 of 4)
Our spot at Bear Lake Campground, where we relaxed over Memorial Day week

Check out our practise disc golf basket: Innova Champion Discs Skill Shot Target, Red

untitled (1 of 4)
Pretty view from our site at Bear Lake Campground
untitled (3 of 4)
Moose enjoying our spot at Bear Lake Campground

Our dog Moose, looking good at 15 due in part to a healthy diet of quality dog food & Diggin Your Dog | Super Snouts | Joint Power | 100 % Green Lipped Mussel | 75g Jar with Scoop and Nutramax Cosequin DS Double Strength Chewables, 250 Count.

untitled (4 of 4)
Lots of pitcher plants on the walk around Bear Lake

Our next stop, Alabama. Not a place we’d ever spent much time, not a place I plan to spend much time in the future if I’m honest.

For Alabama camping, we stayed at Lake Guntersville State Park (probably where we figured out that lake sailing isn’t for us) and Monte Sano State Park (who knew Alabama had such pretty hills).

untitled (1 of 2)
Our spot at Lake Guntersville State Park
untitled (2 of 2)
Proving difficult to catch, we present the bass of Lake Guntersville State Park
untitled (1 of 2)
Monte Sano State Park, at over 1,600 ft in elevation – this is pretty high when you’re coming from Florida
untitled (2 of 2)
Nice disc golf course at Monte Sano State Park

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