WCTSS 33rd Annual Cedar Key Small Boat Meet, May 2017

As mentioned in an earlier blog post, we always plan to attend the Annual Cedar Key Small Boat Meet which is held in early May. This event is run by the West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron and makes for a great couple of days on the water in the company of other small craft enthusiasts.

We brought our Precision 15 along for this 2017 event and we parked the RV at the Sunset Isle RV park, just a couple of miles from the docks.

If you haven’t been to Cedar Key before, you should definitely put this place on your bucket list. It’s a great old Florida fishing town which juts out into the gulf and it’s full of character.

cedar (3 of 3)cedar (1 of 3)

You’ll see  lot of unique, hand-made boats at these WCTSS events, as evidenced by these photos.

cedar (8 of 8)cedar (5 of 8)cedar (1 of 8)cedar (6 of 8)

cedar (7 of 8)
Dominic in our Precision 15

Dominic is wearing his newly purchased ONYX A/M-24 Automatic/Manual Inflatable Life Jacket, Pink.

cedar (2 of 8)cedar (4 of 8)

cedar (3 of 8)
The sailing in Cedar Key never takes you far from the land and the great restaurants

Look forward to seeing you at the next WCTSS event. Check out our blog post from the 2018 event here.

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Next, heading to the Florida panhandle.

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