Seahorses and sea hares in the Florida panhandle

The Florida panhandle is an area that many Floridians have never explored and that’s a real shame. From it’s quaint small towns to it’s beautiful white sand beaches and it’s inherent wildness, it’s truly a great spot to visit.

On our big 12 month road trip, we stayed at several of the awesome state parks in the area: T.H. Stone Memorial St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, St. Andrews State Park, Henderson Beach State Park and Big Lagoon State Park.

St. Joe’s is probably our personal favorite and it’s certainly a great one for sailing, kayaking & paddle boarding. You can always count on tons of sea life in Eagle Bay  – sharks, rays, seahorses, sea hares, turtles, urchins, fish and shellfish of all kinds.

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Beautiful Sea Horse, which we came upon when snorkeling in just a few feet of water over the grass beds in Eagle Bay at St. Joseph Peninsula State Park
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Sea Hare in Eagle Bay, St. Joe’s (we saw tons of these in the Sea of Cortez this past Winter)
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After a quick pic, this one went right back in the water

Sandra receives so many compliments on this hat, we thought we would post a link to it here, for anyone interested:Outdoor Research Women’s Solar Roller Sun Hat, Alpine Lake/Dark Grey, M.

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Conchs galore in Eagle Bay, St. Joe’s
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Our Precision 15 in the calm, clear and shallow waters of Eagle Bay at St. Joe’s
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Man & bird fishing together at St. Andrews State Park
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We even got lucky with this jack at St. Andrews State Park
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While the water in the panhandle isn’t Florida Keys clear, you can still snorkel and enjoy the fishes (like this wrasse) at St. Andrews State Park
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Snowy Egret enjoying St. Andrews State Park
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Laundry day at Henderson Beach State Park – very private sites in this campground
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Beautiful Nutmeg shell, Henderson Beach State Park. We love to go shelling wherever we go and we’ll dedicate a blog post to Florida shelling soon.
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Paddling at Big Lagoon State Park 
panhandle (13 of 14)
Lots going on at Big Lagoon State Park
panhandle (14 of 14)
Caught our first redfish at Big Lagoon State Park

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