Where did we get the money to take 12 months off work?

We saved the money necessary for this trip.

You have to save the money too.

Unless you have someone who’ll happily part with said money.

Or you can win the lottery or marry (or remarry) well (or just better).

Your budget can be whatever you are comfortable with. You might want to take this trip on your bicycle and camp in the woods, eating bananas and trail mix or, like us, you might go with some home comforts and get to sleep in a bed of sorts by camping in a van, travel trailer, 5th wheel, RV or whatever works for your situation, budget, family size etc..

The key is, you will need money to live on, feed yourself, stay healthy & see some sites but, if you have a hard time ever envisioning a savings account with more than $10K in it, then don’t just give up and stay home, simply plan for a lower cost, perhaps shorter duration trip and see how far that money will get you.

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Next, what about your home?



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