The first few Florida miles

Any departure from your normal existence can be fraught with anxieties for us all, no matter how chill people may appear on the outside. Change is not easy for most of us and making this kind of change, while exhilarating, can give most people a few twinges of uncertainty.

In our last few posts, we touched on how we managed to make this trip, leaving jobs and home behind. We’re happy to go into more detail on that stuff, if anyone needs the info’ and more advice on how to make the break. Just comment on this post or e-mail us directly.

The first few miles of our trip started right from home in Clearwater, FL.

The lovely Kim V. (who owns the home we had been renting) came over to get the keys and we headed South, for our first stop which was the Sarasota Sailing Squadrons’ Traditional & Small Craft Festival (held every April at this great sailing club). For those who love small wooden boats, these are your people.

Check out these beautiful boats in the photos below:

sarasota (19 of 19)sarasota (7 of 19)sarasota (2 of 19)sarasota (1 of 19)sarasota (1 of 1)sarasota (1 of 1)-3

After a couple of days enjoying the boats and the sailing (we towed our own Precision 15 with us), we headed across the state to camp at Long Point Park Campground in Melbourne Beach, where we enjoyed the water access and the wildlife.

long point (1 of 1)-3
Great Horned Owl chicks at Sebastian Inlet State Park

long point (1 of 1)long point (1 of 1)-2

When bringing camera gear with us on the water, we use the yellow Pelican case which you see in the photo above and we can confirm that it has never leaked and always kept our gear dry & snug: Pelican 1400 Case w/Foam (Yellow).

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Next, Crossing the peninsula.

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