How did we get time off work?

We didn’t. We simply informed our employers that we were making a change to our lives and would be traveling and unavailable to work for them during this planned 12 month period.

For a lot of you, this may be one of the major sticking points to taking such a mini-retirement break in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s or 50’s but, as our tagline reads on this very blog: ‘You can always make more money but, you can never make more time’.

Please, please read that last bit again, if you are at all struggling with the idea of getting past the planning stage in any adventure.

Life is short ….. Your parents told you this when you were a little kid, but then the Summers seemed to last forever and you called BS on that. If you the reader are anywhere over say 28 years of age, then I think you already know that your folks were right, it’s not BS and life really is shorter than we might suppose.

As we’ve aged into our late 30’s & mid 40’s (Dominic is 38 at time of posting & Sandra is 45), we’ve also sadly had more occasion to experience this first hand with the illness and passing of friends and family members, many far before they reached their 80’s, 70’s or even 60’s.

So, when it comes to worrying about telling your employer of your plans and your departure, don’t. You’ll find that anytime away from the normal daily grind will see you return to the workforce rejuvenated and perhaps there are even options to return to that old job or work remotely a little while you are traveling or at the very least, depart on good terms with your colleagues excited to hear of your adventures and keep track of you on Instagram or Facebook from their desks.

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Next, saving the money!



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