Living a non-normal life

We’ve just spent 12 months touring North America and living full-time in our RV, after selling everything and quitting our jobs and we’d like to inspire you to do the same ….. or something great in your life, even if it’s not your time to hit the road this year.

Navion (1 of 1)
Our Itasca Navion 23 ft. RV parked at Lake Powell, AZ

Keep reading if you are interested in breaking away from the societal norms, starting an adventure (at whatever age you might be) and grabbing life by the cojones.

We are Dominic & Sandra Romer, a married couple in our 30’s & 40’s (respectively) and we love to encourage others to engage in a different sort of life.

Here we are hiking on Tetakawi in San Carlos, Sonora, Mexico this past Winter

We come from normal family backgrounds, regular lives & regular jobs. There are no silver spoons or trust funds here, just two people who have their wits about them (and we have each other of course).

We love to travel, bike, hike, camp, sail, paddle board, snorkel, see wildlife, play disc golf or pickleball and generally be out & about in nature as much as possible.

We’re currently residing in Florida, where we have spent 4 years. It’s a great state to live in, if you love the water and don’t mind the heat of course.

Previous years of our marriage have seen us living in South Carolina, Arizona, Oregon, Colorado, Hawaii, Ireland and Australia.

Lots of people ask us (when they hear about our 1 year traveling full-time in the RV), “how do you do this?”, “how did you manage to get all this time off work?”, “where did you get the money for all this?”, “do you have someone renting your house, while you are on the road?” etc..

We’ll talk about all of this and start by telling you where we went in our 12 months on the road, the specifics of our journey, our expenses en-route etc. and it’ll all be accompanied by tons of great photos (US, Canada & Mexico).

We love sharing our story with people – hence, this blog – and we think we can help you have a similar kind of adventure, if you are willing to take a big step and start living a non-normal, non-traditional life (even if just for the short-term).

So, join us, talk to us, talk about us and get thinking about your adventure.

bio (1 of 1)
Hiking the Bears Hump in the wonderful Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, Canada this past Summer

And yes, we do like to hike in sandals. Sandra wore Teva Womens Women’s W Verra Sport Sandal, North Atlantic, 7 M US all year and Dominic wore the Chaco Men’s Z2 Classic Sport Sandal, Black, 11 M US.

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Next, Getting started with this adventure.

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